Sometimes learning new music during a worship service can be difficult. This page was designed to be a resource for all worshipers (not just the worship team) to introduce new music that will be incorporated into worship services in the near future.

Is there a song that is speaking  to you in your personal times of worship that you'd love to hear in service? Tell us about it!

Here As In Heaven

Elevation Worship

A simple song with themes of being soaked in God's presence and love..

Scripture Reference(s): Matt 6:10

Touch the Sky

Hillsong Worship

Touch the Sky is a song of surrender. The chorus sings, "My heart beating, my soul breathing, I found my life when I laid it down. Upward falling, spirit soaring, I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground."

Scripture Reference(s): Luke 10:38-42; John 15:13

Everything & Nothing Less

Chris McClarney

This song embodies a true spirit of worship as it sings of complete surrender and submission... "You deserve my every breath, my life, my song."

Scripture Reference(s): Job 11:13-15; Romans 12:1

Unstoppable God

Elevation Worship

Unstoppable God is an anthem celebrating the awesome magnitude of God and his glory and the victory of Jesus on the cross.


Jesus Culture

Yet another song of surrender, Rooftops embraces a spirit of giving God all He is due, and doing so unashamedly.

Scripture Reference(s): Matthew 10:27

O Come to the Altar

Elevation Worship

A true song of calling and invitation. The lyrics urge the hurting sinner to find rest in the arms of Christ.

Running After You

Chris McClarney

IThis beautifully haunting song sings of longing and desperation for God.

Scripture Reference(s): Psalm 42

Your Glory

All Sons and Daughters

A truly authentic response to recognizing God's glory is complete surrender. Your Glory captures this sentiment by singing, "I fall onto my knees in awe."

Here Now (Madness)

HIllsong Worship

Here Now (Madness) encourages the worshiper to shut out all that surrounds us and focus only on the presence of God.

Scripture Reference(s): Joshua 1:9; Psalm 141:8

The One That Really Matters

Kari Jobe & Michael W. Smith

A simple but beautiful song which turns all of our

focus to the only One who really matters.

Heart Like Heaven

Hillsong Worship

A song that sings of the glorious attributes of God and centers on the idea that God only desires a surrendered heart.

Scripture References:  Isaiah 14:13; Psalm 99:3

Be Enthroned

Bethel Music

Be Enthroned sings of God's rightful place exalted above all else.

I Am Not Alone

Kari Jobe

A comforting song of faith, trust, peace and hope as we seek to rely on God.

Scripture References:  Psalm 23; Exodus 14:14

Like an Avalanche

Hillsong United

Beautiful symbolism of themes of humility, grace, and mercy.

Scripture References:  Phillippians 2:1-16


Hillsong United

A song about faith and trust, grace and mercy, peace and hope.

Scripture References:  Malachi 3:6, Psalm 3:2-6

Even So Come

Passion Worship

There aren't many modern worship songs that look forward to the triumphant return of Christ. This one does just that, and does it well.

Scripture References:  Revelation 22:12

Here for You

Matt Redman

This song sings of our commitment and dedication to our faithful God.

Scripture References:  Mark 9:37


Jesus Culture

Alleluia or Hallelujah translated from Hebrew literally means "Praise You Jehovah." The song is all about praise and adoration.

Scripture References:  Luke 2:13-14

Love is War

Hillsong United

A song that focuses on the internal struggle of the spirit and the flesh in the believer. An honest cry of commitment and reliance on grace.

Scripture References:  Galatians 5:17, Psalm 62:1